How to persuade people according to science

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a simple way to allocate your money properly

how to money management properly, ways to manage money, minimal budget to spend to fill your need
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5 Reasons Why You Need Budget Allocation

  • Helps you to keep eye on the prize
  • Avoid financial issues
  • Shed light on bad spending habits
  • Happier retirements
  • Prepare emergencies

50/30/20 Rule to Allocate Your Budget

50/30/20 Rule requires you to divide your money into 3 categories, your essential NEEDS, WANTS, and SAVING & INVESTMENTS

  • housing
  • food
  • transportation
  • medical
  • expenses
  • essential debt
  • restaurants
  • vacations
  • entertainments
  • fashion
  • electronics
  • concert
  • emergency fund
  • stocks/ETF
  • funds
  • rental property

ways to have better communication with “certain” people

how to talk to defensive person, ways to have better communication
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1. Be calm when you state your intentions

When you are in the middle of a topic with a person and discuss things that seem off with your perspective.

2. Avoid starting with an accusation

Convince yourself to be honest and tell them about your own situation, for example how you’re feeling or when the situation of note occurred. And then state how you would have liked things to go differently.

3. steer clear of “always”, “never”, and “you” statements

Make sure to use I statement, such as I am upset about what happened or I felt this way when you did x

tips to improve copywriting skill from the copywriters expert

5 Best Copywriting Exercises You Can Copy From The Expert
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What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of written content for an advertising campaign. The purpose of copywriting is writing to INFLUENCE people of…

What Dermatologist Says About These “Bullshit” Skincare

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How our brain burn calories without being aware of it

A study showed that taking a break with your phone is just increasing your boredom

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