How I Got Straight A’s Grade Effortlessly

I just want you to know, I used to be not good at studying. I am so procrastinating and used to study the day before the exam. In consequently, my grade went pretty bad, but also good grades in some subject.

Since then, I tried to do better. I started to grow a study habit that I found on youtube, Twitter, and anywhere. Most people said that you need around 21 days progressively to grow a habit. I know it sounds difficult, but if you enjoy it, you barely need to try. All you need to do is just start it first. Take a step. Then little by little you’ll be growing and become better at studying.

And these are the tips and hack that I found work on me and so you are

1. Find your best time to study

When it comes to what time is the best for study, there is no exact correct answer. It depends on your activities and your energy. No matter if it’s in the morning, day or night.

But for me, I prefer to study at night around 6 -9 pm. The benefits of studying at night that I found are:

  • night time tends to be quieter so I could concentrate while studying with less distraction.

2. Listen to study song

Well, study song is actually helping me to better concentrate and makes my studying vibe more relaxing. You can find it a lot on Spotify, youtube, or any music platform.

Study song usually just a relaxed beat or music instrumental without lyics. It is fun to listen without felt distracted.

3. Study only 30 minutes-1 hour every day consistently

1% better every day is more efficient to me. Improve your progress every day little by little is way better than study all at once in one night. It’ll make you overwhelmed and stressed out. Remember that there is no instant way to achieve it.

The benefits of having this kinda habit, so when I have an exam the next day, I will be able to study effortlessly the day before the exam. I just read my notes and because I have already memorized and understood the subject way back, it will get easier to go back to my memory.

So that is how I do it. Only 30 minutes or 1 hour (pe rsubject)of studying every day is fine. Small progress is still progress.

4. Summarize the subject and write it down on notes.

Summarize the point of the subject and write it down on notes is help me to memorize it way better. I once heard it that even Harvard student also loves to write notes because it does make it more efficient to understand any subject.

if I just try to memorize it without taking any notes, trust me I will easily forget it afterward and when I want to look back at it again, I’ll get confused. Because sentences in the textbook mostly too long and hard to read. It takes more time. Summarize, write it down, and read it, is way more effective.

5. Memorize it but pretending to explain it to someone

It is one of my GREAT hacks if I need to memorize the subject. After I write down my notes and read them for a while, then afterward I pretend to explain it out loud to someone. Sometimes I do it in front of the mirror or sometimes while walking around my desk lol.

When I do it in that way, I can use my own language and more flexible on how to visualize, so that my brain can process the information is way better and easier. Otherwise, if I memorize the words from the textbook, it’s usually too wordy and hard to read. That makes me more difficult to understands it and easy to forget

6. Set S-M-A-R-T Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, time-based)

When I am studying I don’t really write a lot of to-do lists. Before writing it, I try to measure it whether I will be able to do it or not, so I prefer to write only 1–2 to-do list. If that list is done, then I can allow myself to write more of it.

Also, make it specific. for example, tomorrow I need to study A subject, first chapter, at 9 after breakfast and shower. That is specific. Not just tomorrow I need to study A B C subject, you will forget it and not discipline to the time.

You don’t have much time, so use your time well. Rest time also important, measure it and include it in your to-do lists.

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